There and back again …

WOW! I'm back!
The last year was a bit crazy. When I realized I wasn't sewing and crafting for fun anymore but for all the markets, I decided to make a break. I didn't think it'd take a year.
So what happened … I had my first real job, I quit my first real job, I decided I wanted to be in film business, now I work in film business, I started finishing my uni-stuff (still doing the starting of the finishing) and apparently after a year I decided to start sewing again. Just for fun (and because one of my best friends needs a bridesmaids dress).

I started with some warm-up exercises, like a summerdress and short hipsterpants (actually I used my pajama as a pattern, but it works well ;).
I used a very nice cotton-linen fabric with stripes in green, red and blue and elastic band because I don't like zippers. How wonderful were the days as a child when every skirt, pant and dress had elastic band instead of zippers, buttons or any vanguarde fastening. Well enough nostalgia. See the results:

For the bridesmaids dress I created a pinterest (mood)board, because I want my friend to see where my inspiration comes from and so we can easily discuss several ideas. If you want you can have a look too.


  1. Missed you, and we want more posts :D And come visit Colombo again so we can go fabric shopping!

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  3. hallo,
    jetzt hab ich endlich jemanden gefunden mit coolen nähprojektchen und jetzt machst du offensichtlich eine nähpause - trotzdem: schicke seite!

  4. Hallo Ela, schön, dass dir ein Blog gefällt :) das motiviert mich total! Ich hab zufällig in letzter Zeit wieder meine Nähmaschine ausgepackt und du darfst dich in den nächsten Tagen auf ein paar Posts freuen.
    Einer kommt schon heute – obwohl etwas off topic.
    Danke für deinen motivierenden Kommentar :)
    LG N