There and back again …

WOW! I'm back!
The last year was a bit crazy. When I realized I wasn't sewing and crafting for fun anymore but for all the markets, I decided to make a break. I didn't think it'd take a year.
So what happened … I had my first real job, I quit my first real job, I decided I wanted to be in film business, now I work in film business, I started finishing my uni-stuff (still doing the starting of the finishing) and apparently after a year I decided to start sewing again. Just for fun (and because one of my best friends needs a bridesmaids dress).

I started with some warm-up exercises, like a summerdress and short hipsterpants (actually I used my pajama as a pattern, but it works well ;).
I used a very nice cotton-linen fabric with stripes in green, red and blue and elastic band because I don't like zippers. How wonderful were the days as a child when every skirt, pant and dress had elastic band instead of zippers, buttons or any vanguarde fastening. Well enough nostalgia. See the results:

For the bridesmaids dress I created a pinterest (mood)board, because I want my friend to see where my inspiration comes from and so we can easily discuss several ideas. If you want you can have a look too.


  1. Missed you, and we want more posts :D And come visit Colombo again so we can go fabric shopping!

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