Weekend Writing Challenge

Hey folks! 

Just a few explanatory words before I get started. My friend Ines Häufler, a professional story consultant, had the wonderful idea to start a weekend writing challenge – she posts a photo on saturday and somewhen during the weekend you take 20 minutes to write a short story. On Sunday she then posts her story on her blog and you can put a link to your story in a comment. Obviously the more people join in on the challenge the less awkward it gets and the more fun it is to participate.

So today I took my 20 minutes off my Facebook time and wrote kind of a story as requested. I wrote in German because I thought that my writing skills in English might be a bit embarrassing. Actually now I think it's probably not a question of language ;)
If you like the idea don't be shy! Join in next weekend and share with as many friends and followers so I feel less embarrassed by my writing "skills" (because sometimes drowning in the crowd is just so comfy).

Here's the picture and my story:

Was für ein herrlicher Tag. Was für ein unglaublicher Tag. Der Tag, an dem wir die Karten für das Beatles Konzert bekommen haben. Im Nachhinein betrachtet ist dieser Tag sogar bedeutender gewesen als das Konzert selber.
Wir waren so aufgeregt. So unfassbar aufgeregt. Die ganze Welt hat sich auf einmal nur noch um den 12. September gedreht.
Ich und M waren außer uns vor Freude, J war ein bisschen paralysiert. Sie war nicht ganz sicher, ob ihre Eltern sie gehen lassen würden. Natürlich haben sie es erlaubt. Wir waren die größten Fans aller Zeiten, und nachdem wir schon gemeinsam in der Wiege gelegen sind, dann gemeinsam in die Schule gegangen sind, war es klar, dass wir auch gemeinsam zum Konzert gehen müssen.
Der Tag an dem wir die Tickets bekommen haben, als J die Hosen voll hatte, war der letzte Tag unserer gemeinsamen Kindheit.
Das klingt jetzt so dramatisch, war es aber gar nicht. Wir wurden einfach erwachsen. Oder zumindest erwachsener.
Das Übliche einfach. Plötzlich geht es um Jungs, dann um Männer, dann um Babies oder Karriere.
Wir haben uns nie aus den Augen verloren und viele Momente geteilt, aber der Tag, an dem wir die Karten für das Beatles Konzert bekommen haben, der war einer der besten Tage unserer Jugend. Wir hatten das Gefühl, uns stünde die Welt offen.


There and back again …

WOW! I'm back!
The last year was a bit crazy. When I realized I wasn't sewing and crafting for fun anymore but for all the markets, I decided to make a break. I didn't think it'd take a year.
So what happened … I had my first real job, I quit my first real job, I decided I wanted to be in film business, now I work in film business, I started finishing my uni-stuff (still doing the starting of the finishing) and apparently after a year I decided to start sewing again. Just for fun (and because one of my best friends needs a bridesmaids dress).

I started with some warm-up exercises, like a summerdress and short hipsterpants (actually I used my pajama as a pattern, but it works well ;).
I used a very nice cotton-linen fabric with stripes in green, red and blue and elastic band because I don't like zippers. How wonderful were the days as a child when every skirt, pant and dress had elastic band instead of zippers, buttons or any vanguarde fastening. Well enough nostalgia. See the results:

For the bridesmaids dress I created a pinterest (mood)board, because I want my friend to see where my inspiration comes from and so we can easily discuss several ideas. If you want you can have a look too.


Busy days … head in the clouds

Look at that! On Sunday I started a pullover from some srilankan fabric and today I finished it.
It looks gorgeous and I'll wear it tonight for a meeting.

… and when I was finished I was so into sewing and couldn't stop so I made some …

… handwarmers :). Probably the easiest thing to make form a bit of jersey.


Everything changes … backwards

Hey guys!

As you might have realized I didn't post much in the past weeks.
That's just the thing with blogs … you need breaks every now and then.
But the real reason is: I bought lots and lots and lots of fabric (super beautiful, cosy, cotton, silk …) but all my projects were cancelled in the last month or so. So that's the thing … I started cancelling things and suddenly everything I didn't cancel cencelled itself. Shit. So I sat at home thinking "What should I do with all the fabric I bought? Let's make just the same things I always make … LAME!" So I need inspiration (and time because sadly enough uni and work are still on).

What do I do when I need inspiration? I read or listen to music. So this time I started with reading but here I am stuck on page 20 of Jane Eyre … so I started the music thing. And after so many years I was on the couch with nothing else to do but listen to the songs I chose and could absorb every detail. Some songs I listened approximately 1000 times just like a teenager. It was awesome. 

So now … I still have no ideas but as soon as I find the time to sit down and sew I will just do it and then I'll post pictures ;).
Today I have to learn for my driver's licence for motorbike and then meet a friend for lunch and then go to uni and then go to the re-opening of the Impossible Store.


Be a robot instead …

I don't know how to fit everything I want to do in one life. And still have fun. So during the last days I decided to get rid of some project which aren't mine but include my support. It may sound harsh and unfair but I just can't help everyone and get nothing from it. I need to concentrate on my own things. The reason is that I was feeling stressed and unbalanced in the last weeks (if not months) and whenever I went to a party or anything it was for "work". So stop over out. I'm having fun for fun's sake! Ha!

So that's what I made in the last few days :)

The skull is part of a tote bag.

By the way … check out my moodboards on pinterest. You might like what you see ;).