There and back again …

WOW! I'm back!
The last year was a bit crazy. When I realized I wasn't sewing and crafting for fun anymore but for all the markets, I decided to make a break. I didn't think it'd take a year.
So what happened … I had my first real job, I quit my first real job, I decided I wanted to be in film business, now I work in film business, I started finishing my uni-stuff (still doing the starting of the finishing) and apparently after a year I decided to start sewing again. Just for fun (and because one of my best friends needs a bridesmaids dress).

I started with some warm-up exercises, like a summerdress and short hipsterpants (actually I used my pajama as a pattern, but it works well ;).
I used a very nice cotton-linen fabric with stripes in green, red and blue and elastic band because I don't like zippers. How wonderful were the days as a child when every skirt, pant and dress had elastic band instead of zippers, buttons or any vanguarde fastening. Well enough nostalgia. See the results:

For the bridesmaids dress I created a pinterest (mood)board, because I want my friend to see where my inspiration comes from and so we can easily discuss several ideas. If you want you can have a look too.


Busy days … head in the clouds

Look at that! On Sunday I started a pullover from some srilankan fabric and today I finished it.
It looks gorgeous and I'll wear it tonight for a meeting.

… and when I was finished I was so into sewing and couldn't stop so I made some …

… handwarmers :). Probably the easiest thing to make form a bit of jersey.


Everything changes … backwards

Hey guys!

As you might have realized I didn't post much in the past weeks.
That's just the thing with blogs … you need breaks every now and then.
But the real reason is: I bought lots and lots and lots of fabric (super beautiful, cosy, cotton, silk …) but all my projects were cancelled in the last month or so. So that's the thing … I started cancelling things and suddenly everything I didn't cancel cencelled itself. Shit. So I sat at home thinking "What should I do with all the fabric I bought? Let's make just the same things I always make … LAME!" So I need inspiration (and time because sadly enough uni and work are still on).

What do I do when I need inspiration? I read or listen to music. So this time I started with reading but here I am stuck on page 20 of Jane Eyre … so I started the music thing. And after so many years I was on the couch with nothing else to do but listen to the songs I chose and could absorb every detail. Some songs I listened approximately 1000 times just like a teenager. It was awesome. 

So now … I still have no ideas but as soon as I find the time to sit down and sew I will just do it and then I'll post pictures ;).
Today I have to learn for my driver's licence for motorbike and then meet a friend for lunch and then go to uni and then go to the re-opening of the Impossible Store.


Be a robot instead …

I don't know how to fit everything I want to do in one life. And still have fun. So during the last days I decided to get rid of some project which aren't mine but include my support. It may sound harsh and unfair but I just can't help everyone and get nothing from it. I need to concentrate on my own things. The reason is that I was feeling stressed and unbalanced in the last weeks (if not months) and whenever I went to a party or anything it was for "work". So stop over out. I'm having fun for fun's sake! Ha!

So that's what I made in the last few days :)

The skull is part of a tote bag.

By the way … check out my moodboards on pinterest. You might like what you see ;).


what is the most important thing …

about a bag? I'm working on a new bag for my mum and my question on FB was what people think every bag should have. Then I made sketches according to their suggestions …
and this is the one I'll sew:

It's just a crappy scan :) and all explanations are in german (obviously ;)

and when I was scanning these sketches above I also did scan this:

That's the sketch for the 20ies dress I made a few weeks ago.
This kind of sketches is all I produce before starting … I'm not very good at planning in advance.

BTW … I started posting moodboards for my works on pinterest. You might like that.

(Next time you'll get a more colourful post, promise!)



Here it is … the prototype of the twenties dress:


Twenties, Charleston, Parties, Drinks, Dresses, Women, Hats and Decadence

Today I got my new sewing machine! In November my mum and I made a deal: She gets a new bag, I get my sewing machine. Now after a few months of thinking, researching, holiday and finally deciding we went to the store together and I tested my chosen one. It wasn't what I wanted … insert any sewing machine geek talk here … so I tested a different model and that was the one :).

Right on time I must admit because this Saturday a friend of mine hosts a "twenties – burlesque – dress-to-impress" party and I said I'd sew my own twenties-style dress … see here for my inspiration:

With my new fabrics from Sri Lanka that might even work. So my plan is to use a basic jersey H&M dress as a template AND sew the twenties dress around and on the H&M dress. The reason is that I don't need to measure that much, the fabric is so cosy but the cut is crap.
If I have the time I'll take pictures of the progress.

Here you see part of the fabrics I bought in SL – mostly cotton-silk mix. They are shinier than on that picture :)


i'm going nowhere fast

Whoever says cookies are not a square meal is right, but cookies for breakfast are awesome.
I just surfed the internet looking for christmas gift ideas and unintentionally came across a website from a firm I once wanted to work for. That was six years ago and in an other universe … funny thing.
I never applied for the job because first I wanted to finish university and enjoy my life and try some things before settling for a career.
So now I got a job at a shop, I still study, I craft and sometimes I work for small film productions instead for big bad music industry (as I wanted).
Life didn't really change but my position at the jobs is now different. I'm not the helpless assistant but the head of xx.
So now that I stumbled over this website I thought probably in a few years when I'm done studying I can apply for a job and influence music and film and rule the creative industries world … 
Or not.

Things don't really ever change, do they?